25 years of commemoration of the heroes of the homeland


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Year of issue: 2024

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Heroism is an act of courage, sacrifice and selflessness, in the name of defending the good. Heroes consciously expose themselves to danger and risk in order to protect and defend those who are unable to defend themselves. Heroism is best perceived when times are hard, when they are most difficult – in war conditions, natural disasters and other crises.

25 years ago, Serbia was a victim of NATO aggression, which lasted 78 days and took thousands of lives, including more than eighty children. Our citizens died in the bombing of a bus in Lužane, a passenger train in Grdelica Gorge, the building of the Radio Television of Serbia in Belgrade, under cluster bombs in Aleksinac, Niš, Varvarin and Novi Pazar and in many other places on the territory of Serbia.

The heroes who, from the first enemy attacks, on March 24, 1999, defended Serbia in the actions of the army and the police in Kosovo and Metohija, in airplanes in the sky above Serbia and in anti-aircraft defence positions on the ground, will remain in the eternal memory of generations as an example of how to love and defend the homeland despite everything. The heroes we remember today are as well all our citizens who expressed opposition to aggression – protesting on the bridges, squares and streets of Serbia or conscientiously performing their duties in the most difficult moments of our country’s recent history.

The Post of Serbia publishes the issue of commemorative postage stamps “25 years of commemorating the heroes of the homeland” as a sign of gratitude to all heroes, known and unknown, brave individuals who laid down their lives defending the homeland a quarter of a century ago, as well as to all those heroes who contributed to the defence of our country by their actions at that time.

The heroes of the homeland, who defended Serbia in 1999, collectively entered the memory of the nation and established the best example of patriotism for all future generations of our people. Glory and thanks be to the heroes of the homeland!

Artistic realization of the issue: MA Jakša Vlahović, academic graphic artist

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