Statehood Day – Indivisible Serbia


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Year of issue: 2022

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In 1804, on the day when winter and spring meet – the Meeting of Our Lord, in the Marićević Gully, Serbia made its first, big step on a two-century journey towards freedom and statehood. On the same day in 1835 during the Sretenje Assembly, Serbia confirmed its statehood by adopting the highest legal document − The Constitution of the Principality of Serbia, one of the most modern and democratic constitutions of that era, the first constitution of the modern Serbian state.

The key events for the creation of modern Serbia are embodied in two most important historical figures of that era, Karađorđe and Miloš Obrenović, who each in his capacity personify the warrior spirit and readiness to win freedom and independence through the use of arms, i.e. the skill to preserve the hard gained freedom and to defend the young state that was still in the making through political and diplomatic activities.

The two-centuries history of modern Serbia is an intertwined and closely connected relationship between these two principles, in accordance with historical circumstances and statesmanship reasoning. Behind both of these principles is a firm intention and determination to preserve state integrity in modern times, despite all the temptations that Serbia has faced or is facing today, which is best reflected in the fact that the Republic of Serbia is today a full and respected member of the United Nations.

15 February is celebrated in Serbia as the Statehood day and as the Day of the Serbian Constitution.

Artistic realization of the issue: Vukašin Marković, graphic designer

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