Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Поштанске марке, филателистичке производе и филателистички прибор можете купити на продајном месту у Београду:

“Filatelija” Shop
7 Takovska St., Belgrade
Радно време: радним данима 9-18 часова, суботом 9-14 часова.
Telephone:   011 3063 241

You can place an order electronically on the e-Philately website.

You can pay with cash, payment cards, cheques or pay directly to our account according to the provided pro forma invoice.

The procedure for ordering goods from the electronic store is carried out by the service user selecting the desired product out of those offered in the electronic store and adding that product to the "Shopping Cart". After the product has been selected, the service user enters the required data into the offered electronic purchase order form. Mandatory data to be entered in the purchase order are: first and last name, address, city, country, contact phone number and e-mail address. By filling out the purchase order, the service user confirms the order itself and is responsible for the accuracy of the entered data, by clicking on the button: "Order".

After sending the purchase order, the service user automatically receives an electronic confirmation of the completed purchase, which contains the following information: order number and date, ordered product, i.e. list of ordered products, order amount, delivery instructions and address, and payment instructions.

Ordering goods is possible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can order stamps, philatelic products, and accessories from all over Serbia. You can contact the "Philately" store and get detailed information about the desired products, the amount to be paid and payment instructions.

You can also place an order electronically on the ePhilately website. When placing an order, you can choose the following payment methods: payment cards, account or cash payment when collecting the goods in the "Philately" store.

The products are sent by PostExpress to the indicated address, according to the valid price list and deadlines for PostExpress transfer. Shipping costs are paid by the buyer.

Postage stamps and philatelic products of the Post of Serbia can be ordered from abroad. For more information, please contact the Working Unit "Srbijamarka" via the following email address: or via regular mail, at the following postal address of WU "Srbijamarka", Palmotićeva 2, PAK 106306, 11003 Belgrade, Serbia.

You can place your order electronically on the ePhilately website. Based on your order, you will receive a pro-forma invoice with payment instructions. Payment can be made with Visa, Master Card, Maestro, AMEX and Dina Card payment cards or via international bank transfer (SWIFT), with all bank charges being borne by the customer.
After receiving the payment, the goods are sent to the purchaser abroad to the specified address.

Delivery abroad is carried out by the postal administration of the country of destination, in accordance with the regulations of that country and the manner and conditions for performing postal services.

All fees, taxes, customs duties and other possible costs incurred in the Republic of Serbia shall be borne by the Post of Serbia, and all relevant costs incurred in the country of the Service user shall be borne by the Service user.

What are shipping costs for products purchased for abroad?

Zone I Zone II Zone III Zone IV
Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and North Macedonia Other European countries Countries of Asia and Africa America, Australia, New Zealand and Oceania
6,42 EUR 6,85 EUR 7,36 EUR 8,55 EUR
7,61 USD 8,11 USD 8,72 USD 10,13 USD

The service user may file a complaint to the Post in order to exercise his rights regarding the conformity of the goods, as well as regarding an incorrectly calculated price and other defects.

The service user can file a complaint orally at the selling place where the goods were picked up, or at another place designated for receiving complaints, by phone, in writing, electronically, or on a durable medium, with an invoice or other proof of purchase (copy of invoice, slip, etc.).

The complaint, when submitted in writing, is submitted to the address: Public Enterprise Post of Serbia, Belgrade, Working Unit "Srbijamarka", Palmoticeva 2, PAK: 106306, 11103 Belgrade. The e-mail for receiving complaints is:

To become a subscriber to postage stamps, visit our "Philately" shop or the philatelic counter and your subscription will be opened. In this way, you will be certain that those stamps that are the subject of your interest are kept for you throughout the calendar year. You can buy them when it suits you, periodically or all at once.

Individual editions of commemorative postage stamps are available for purchase no later than three years from the year of their issuance. Upon expiry of that time period, commemorative postage stamps are sold only in annual, semi-annual or thematic sets.

In addition to the regular and commemorative postage stamps, accompanying philatelic products: FDC envelopes, maximum cards, commemorative albums, thematic sets, catalogues, etc. are also for sale.

Postage stamps issued in previous years can only be purchased in annual sets, commemorative albums or thematic sets.

At our selling places in Belgrade, you can purchase all philatelic accessories for collectors. We offer a variety of philatelic stockbooks, ringbinders, plastic pockets, sheets for additional inserting by publication years, magnifiers, lamps, tweezers, etc.

Philatelic accessories are intended for sale exclusively within the country.