Joint issue of Serbia and Morocco: 65th Anniversary of diplomatic relations


Commemorative postage stamps

Year of issue: 2022

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Diplomatic relations between the Republic of Serbia and the Kingdom of Morocco were established on 2 March, 1957. Bilateral relations between the two friendly countries have always been on an upward path, and the friendship between the two countries is at an all-time high today, but interrelations continue to develop successfully with mutual respect and appreciation and deepening political dialogue.

Successful diplomatic relations between the two countries have been supported by significant improvements in trade relations with a tendency to further intensify them. The Republic of Serbia and the Kingdom of Morocco are well on their way to achieving a strategic partnership in all areas of common interest, and the joint issue of Serbian and Moroccan postage stamps is a contribution of the Post of Serbia and the Postal Administration of Morocco to improving and deepening relations between the two countries.

Motifs on stamps:

The New Road-Railway Bridge over the Danube in Novi Sad it was built in 2018, 474 m long and 31.60 m wide. This bridge is one of the most important infrastructure facilities on the international railway corridor and an important part of the road traffic infrastructure of the Republic of Serbia. Cable-stayed Mohammed VI Bridge VI in Rabat: Opened in 2016, the Mohammed VI Bridge is the largest cable-stayed bridge in Africa, with the tallest concrete and steel viaduct in the world. It is a bypass around Rabat, the capital of Morocco, crossing the Buregreg River at the level of the Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdel Dam. With its 942 m length, the Mohammed VI bridge at both entrances has two pylons with doubled arches, which symbolize the new gates of the cities of Rabat and Sale. It is also equipped with surveillance cameras for face recognition for security, and specific lighting that provides a surprising night visual impression.

Motifs on the envelope:

The ”Vrla” bridge on Corridor 10 near Vladičin Han, opened to traffic in 2018. With a total length of 644.4 metres, it is the longest bridge on one of the largest pan-European traffic corridors and represents an important symbol and architectural achievement of the modern road infrastructure of the Republic of Serbia. In the background Cable-stayed Mohammed VI Bridge VI in Rabat.

Artistic realization of the stamp with the motif of the New Road-Railway Bridge in Novi Sad and of the envelopes motifs: Miroslav Nikolić;

Artistic realization of the stamp with the motif of the Cable-stayed Mohammed VI Bridge in Rabat: Said Azarkan

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