Air Serbia – 95 years


Commemorative postage stamps

Year of issue: 2022

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This year marks the 95th anniversary of the founding of the first airline in Serbia. Founded under the name Aeroput, on June 17, 1927, today it operates under the globally known name Air Serbia.

The first domestic airline, Aeroput, operated until 1947, when it was succeeded by Yugoslav Air Transport (JAT), which was transformed into Jat Airways in 2003, while the new chapter of the company, now called Air Serbia, began in 2013.

Employees of today’s Air Serbia are extremely proud of the fact that only a few airlines in the world have a history as long as the Serbian airline, which is on the eighth place on the list of the oldest airlines in the world that still operate.

Under the slogan ”95 years of flying”, Air Serbia pays tribute to the rich history of the Serbian national airline, and a special emblem marking this anniversary, designed to combine tradition and modern moment, will be clearly displayed on the body of 12 Airbus planes and five planes type ATR.

In addition to creating and implementing a special emblem on its aircraft, Air Serbia will mark its 95th anniversary on June 17 with a series of commemorative activities.

Expert collaboration and design: Air Serbia

Graphic realization of the issue: Studio Srbijamarka

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