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Year of issue: 2021

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“Blederija” natural monument

It is located on the southwestern edge of the Danube Key region, southwest of Kladovo and is placed under protection in order for the richness and forms of geodiversity to be preserved. The spring of Blederija is of a broken type, with four places where the spring flows out, two accumulative waterfalls, of which the lower one, due to its height of about 7 m, beauty and richness of water, is an object of hydrological heritage of Serbia. Large accumulations of tufa are in the lower course, and the Sokolovica spring cave, with the occasional gravitational spring of the same name and periodic flow, is downstream from the “Grad” site, to the place where it meets with the Suvaja and Blederija streams, which cut a picturesque limestone gorge with several distinct narrows and waterfalls.

In the area of natural monuments of 398.87 ha, the Second Protection Regime has been established. The natural monument is entrusted to the management of the Tourist Organization of Kladovo. In the area of natural monuments with an area of 398.87 ha, the II protection regime has been established.

A special nature reserve “Osredak”

The special reserve “Osredak” is protected in order for the wetland habitats to be preserved in the valley of the West Morava, which consist of a network of old tributaries, oxbow lakes and dozens of newly formed lakes, as well as Paleozoic crystalline shales of high degree of metamorphism in the valley, over which the Neogene and Quaternary rock complex, Belovodski sandstones and Pannonian-Pontic sediments spread.

The presence of 44 plant species, the remains of the mesophilic lowland floodplain pedunculate forests, communities of white and crack willows, white and black poplars, purple willow and endangered plant species such as yellow water lily, sedge, common horsetail and comfrey were recorded in the reserve. Many rare and protected bird species (83 of them) nest in this nature reserve, and it is also the habitat for amphibians, among which are the great green frog, toad and green toad, as well as pond turtles and snakes – grass snake, dice snake and aesculapian snake.

In the area of the Special Nature Reserve of 245.75 ha, the Second and Third degree of protection has been established, and it has been entrusted to the management of the Public Utility Enterprise Kruševac.

Expert collaboration: Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia

Artistic realization of the issue: Miroslav Nikolić


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