50 Years of the Student Cultural Centre Belgrade


Commemorative postage stamps

Year of issue: 2021

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The Student Cultural Centre (SKC), a cultural meeting place intended for students and young non-established authors, as well as already established artists and public and scientific workers, in 2021 marks its jubilee – the fiftieth anniversary of its work.

The SKC building, which is a cultural monument, and which was designed by the famous Serbian court architects Jovan Ilkić and Milorad Ruvidić, is located on the corner of King Milan and Resavska Streets. It was built back in 1895 for the needs of the then Officers’ House, which was the meeting place of the military establishment. Politicians, representatives of the nobility and bourgeoisie gathered under its roof. In post-war Yugoslavia, it was the headquarters of the State Security Service (Udba) for a while, and in 1968 the building was handed over to the University of Belgrade and that year the Student Cultural Centre was founded. On 3 April, 1971, it officially began operating.

In the years that followed, SKC became a prominent place, one of the main gathering locations for advanced scholars and urban youth. Young artists, as well as all those who offered something different and alternative, were given a space where they could express their creative spirit in all art movements and bring new views and fresh ideas to the public stage.

SKC managed to keep one of the leading positions on the cultural map of Belgrade. Even today, by strengthening alternative views and gathering new young people and those young in spirit eager to represent an alternative to the dominant art movements, there are exhibitions, concerts, theatre programmes, performances, audio-visual installations, lectures, creative workshops that are held at the Gallery, Happy Gallery, Small Hall, Circus Gallery, Great Hall, SKC Club, New Space and the popular Garden...

Following young people and their interests, paying attention to everything new and valuable in art, SKC continues to nurture the free spirit and alternative ways of artistic expression, trying to remain one of the most visited places in Belgrade where culture has the main say.

Expert collaboration: Student Cultural Centre Belgrade

Artistic realization of the issue: MA Jakša Vlahović, academic graphic artist


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