Commemorative postage stamps

Year of issue: 2023

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Life without fear of conflict, development of free society based on justice and freedom, mutual cooperation of people and nations of different cultures, customs and beliefs are not possible without global peace. Only in peace can societies based on the principles of justice, freedom and equality develop. That is why peace is the highest value of humanity and a common challenge for all people and nations and requires the cooperation and solidarity of all.

Bearing in mind the challenges of modern times and the current global circumstances, PostEurop, the association of postal operators of Europe, has decided that the motif of the traditional issue of commemorative postage stamps EUROPA in 2023 will be dedicated to peace as the highest value of humanity and will be shared by all members of the association. In a special competition in 2022, the jury of the PostEurop association chose the proposal for the motif of the Post of Luxembourg and it is the motif on the 48 dinars stamp of this issue. The motif was created by Linda Bos and Runa Egilsdóttir, and is a visual metaphor for a peaceful integrated society where people accept each other’s culture. It is inspired by the symbol of the Celtic love knot, with intertwined hearts, while the colour palette illustrates all the peoples of the world, and hands with intertwined fingers carry a message of mutual respect.

The motif on the second stamp of the issue is a vision of peace as the highest value of humanity, as an original artistic solution of every postal operator, so the motif on the 120 dinar stamp and the FDC envelope is the White dove of peace, an artistic solution by the world-famous artists from Serbia, the Zamurović brothers. The white dove is a universally recognizable symbol of peace that emerges with an olive branch from the dark forest, symbolizing all the security challenges of modern humanity, bringing hope that global peace, as a universal and highest human value, is still possible.

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