Planet Earth Day


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Year of issue: 2021

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Earth Day – 22 April is a date which represents the occasion to reassess our relationship towards the planet we live on. At the same time, it is a public campaign to stop or alleviate the consequences of destructive civilizational development.

The initiative to mark Earth Day, which was established in 1970 in the United States of America and has been celebrated worldwide since 1992, has become a global incentive for actions which address today’s major environmental issues.

In recent years, there have been more discussions about climate change and it’s consequences on the planet, and those topics have been the focus of this international date. The care for the preservation of nature and the survival of the planet are of special importance, since the state of the environment, the economy, way of life, and even the reduction of poverty in the world depend on people’s treatment of nature and natural resources. Disturbance of ecological balance and excessive exploitation of the planet’s resources are global problems that endanger all countries to a certain extent.

Serbia is a country that can still boast areas with preserved nature, unaltered landscapes and a significant degree of biodiversity conservation. However, that obliges us not to repeat other people’s mistakes, and to properly evaluate and preserve what we have as a unique part of the planet Earth.

Expert collaboration: Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia.

Artistic realization of the issue: MA Nadežda Skočajić, academic graphic artist


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