350 Years since the birth of Peter the Great


Commemorative postage stamps

Year of issue: 2022

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Peter I Alexeevich Romanov – Peter the Great (June 9, 1672 – St. Petersburg, February 8, 1725) Russian tsar, one of the most powerful and influential rulers of modern European history. He modernized Russia in social, political, military and economic terms, at the same time expanding its territory, thus transforming Russia into the leading European power of the time. He made radical changes in Russian society and the state. He replaced the traditional Russian calendar with the Julian one, and also built a new capital – St. Petersburg, which was founded on May 27, 1703.

Stamp motifs: portrait of Peter the Great, Boban Savić; Portrait of Emperor Peter the Great, unknown author, Hermitage, oil on canvas, 18th century.

Motif on the vignettes: Decree of Peter the Great On sending two teachers from the Holy Synod to Serbia to teach the local people Latin and Slovenian, which established the First Serbian School in Sremski Karlovci.

Motif on the envelope: footage from the comic Peter the Great; authors: Konstantin Konstantinovich Kuznetsov and Pavle Sergeyevich Polyakov; published in “Politikin zabavnik” magazine in 1941.

Artistic realization: Boban Savić, MA, academic painter

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