25 Years of “ Telekom Srbija” JSC


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Year of issue: 2022

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Telekom Srbija was founded at the dawn of the new technological age, in June 1997. Since then, it has witnessed and initiated technological revolutions that have completely reshaped our lives – changing our habits, the ways we do our daily jobs, the way we learn, work and have fun, always striving to provide a seamless experience of connection and communication. The company still manages to achieve this today, in the same way as when it started, by cultivating a close connection and a relationship of trust with its customers.

In the jubilee year, for the first time since its establishment, Telekom Srbija is a leader on the Serbian market in all telecommunications services, strongly positioned in this region through its subsidiaries. With bold strategic strides, the company today transcends national and regional frameworks by offering its top services and prestigious television and film content globally. Diligent work, dedication and constant learning are responsible for such a development path, from a simple landline, to a leading producer and distributor of series that are viewed on five continents.

Success only becomes complete when shared with others. That is why the company is starting to support all those who are embarking on an adventure to fulfill their ideas and desires, by launching a fund to help young technology companies, thus becoming part of new success stories.

Also, with the desire to strongly and sincerely support the community in which it operates, Telekom Srbija continually invests in healthcare, education and entrepreneurship as clear preconditions for further development of society. This is how lasting partnerships have been established. The company has always supported high art and culture, thus enabling a large number of young people to accomplish themselves in creative and noble ways. As over the last 25 years, the company remains where you are in the decades and anniversaries to come.

Expert collaboration: Telekom Srbija

Artistic realisation of the issue: MA Marija Vlahovic, academic graphic artist

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