Serbia – USA: 100 Years of Hollywood


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Year of issue: 2023

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Cultural ties form an important basis of friendship between the people of Serbia and the people of the United States of America, and films and the film industry represent one of the most recognizable symbols of the US culture in Serbia. Hollywood, as the historical capital of the film industry, symbolizes the spirit of America, its values and a wide range of cultural aspects important for understanding the USA, which American films have conveyed in countries around the world, including Serbia, during the past 100 years.

The rise of Hollywood as the film capital is symbolized by one of the most famous signs of popular culture of the 20th century – the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles. The year 2023 marks the jubilee – the centenary of the installation of this sign, which has been carrying the message of universal culture throughout the world for a century. Today, the Hollywood sign represents a universal metaphor not only for the location, but also for an entire industry, lifestyle, and cultural factors woven into its century-long history.

The importance of two-way ties in the cultural relations of the two peoples can best be illustrated by the example of Hollywood and the film industry of the USA, with artists of Serbian origin also contributing to its creation, construction and achievement of global fame and success. Of the many names of our fellow citizens and their successors who built careers in the USA and made a significant contribution to the film industry and specifically to Hollywood, the name of Karl Malden stands out. Born as Mladen Sekulović in Chicago, he achieved an incredibly successful film career appearing in more than 60 films. Never forgetting his origins, Malden made an effort to leave his mark in Serbian and Yugoslav cinematography by appearing in a film produced in our region. Among the many awards and recognitions he received, in addition to the Oscar in 1951, the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award, which he received in 2004, also stands out.

Artistic realization of the issue: MA Jakša Vlahović, academic graphic artist

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