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Year of issue: 2021

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The idea to hold an event every year at the beginning of October, which would be attended by children from all over Europe, was born in the head of Donka Špiček, back in 1968, within the editorial office ”Meetings on Thursdays” at the House of Pioneers in Belgrade. The invitation stated that all segments of the future manifestation will be designed so that children’s play is at the centre of all events.

The first gathering of children from around Europe – the Joy of Europe took place at the beginning of October 1969, with the support of the city government, president Tito, UNICEF and the United Nations General Assembly. More than half a century has passed since then and over 20,000 children have visited Belgrade.

The youngest program unit of the Manifestation is International art competition ”Joy of Europe”, which for the twenty-third time since its founding, brings together children and young artists (from 4 to 18 years) from around the world through wonderful children’s art. Professionally judged works traditionally find their place on the appropriate postage stamp ”Joy of Europe”.

The joy of life will be the main topic for the selection of works for the stamp, vignette and envelope this year, after the last gloomy year that passed in isolation and tension. We celebrate the joy that nature brings to the child’s soul with its magnificent flora and fauna, the joy of movement, the joy of imagination with a book and a painting easel.

This stamp supports the natural and creative way of life in the best possible way, because children’s art carries unique originality, strength and freshness!

Motif on the stamp: drawing by Dunja Sudžum (11 years, Serbia). The authors of drawings on vignettes are: Alina Pagaeva (12 years, Russia), Simon Haburcak, (7 years, Slovakia), Aurora Tsang, (6 years, Hong Kong), Sofia Zakharkina, (7 years, Russia), Gleb Kolchev (6 years, Russia), Dzerassa Ikaeva, (11 years, Russia), Alisa Chernova, (13 years, Russia). Motif on the envelope: drawing by Tanisha Vihol (15 years, India).

Expert collaboration: Lidija Seničar, Editor of drawing and painting competition, Children’s cultural centre Belgrade.

Graphic realization of the issue: MA Jakša Vlahović, academic graphic artist.

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