75th artistic season of the Ensemble "Kolo"


Commemorative postage stamps

Year of issue: 2024

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The ensemble of folk dances and songs of Serbia, KOLO, was founded in 1948 as the first ensemble of this type in Yugoslavia at the time. Although founded as the Ensemble of the People's Republic of Serbia, KOLO performed the role of the central ensemble of folk dances and songs of the former state, nurturing in its repertoire the traditions of all the peoples and nationalities of Yugoslavia.

Having its foundation in artistic ideals of the second half of the 20th century, KOLO levitated for decades between the inherited ideology of Yugoslavia and native affiliation. In the jubilee 75th year of its existence, KOLO partially transitioned into the National Ensemble of Folk Dances and Songs of the Republic of Serbia, striving to develop its own capacities for the benefit of the national culture and cultural policy of our country. At the current moment, KOLO artistically interprets the traditional folk dances and music of Serbia, including the ethnic practices of all national minorities living in it, while equally treating the traditions of the Serbian people who, as an autochthonous population, have inhabited the wider Serbian cultural space for centuries. Bringing its activities into harmony with the official public policies of the Republic of Serbia and prioritized strategic goals in culture, KOLO strives for its own (re)affirmation as an institution of primary national importance.


Professional cooperation: Ensemble of folk dances and songs of Serbia “KOLO”

Artistic realization: Miroslav Nikolić and Nadežda Skočajić, Academic Graphic Artist

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