100 years of NIP “Borba”


Commemorative postage stamps

Year of issue: 2022

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The Newspaper Publishing Company “Borba”, with a full century of existence behind it, has been a pillar of culture and the cradle of Yugoslav and Serbian journalism since its inception. “Borba” was first published in Zagreb in 1922 and was published regularly, as a weekly, until January 13, 1929, when, after the introduction of the 6 January Dictatorship, it was banned. It started publishing regularly again, under the old name, during the Second World War, in liberated Užice, where it was printed until November 27, 1942. Immediately after the liberation of Belgrade, in the war year of 1944, on November 15, in the “Borba” Printing House, the first Cyrillic issue of the newspaper bearing the same name was published, and NPC “Borba” found its permanent residence in the building on Nikola Pašić Square no. 7, where it has been situated for almost eight decades.

Apart from the newspaper “Borba”, the “Borba” Publishing House was the initiator of dozens of printed editions, from “Kekec”, through “Sport”, “Ekonomska politika”, “Nada” ... to “Večernje novosti”. A group of journalists from the daily “Borba” started the radio station “Studio B” in the building on Nikola Pašić Square no. 7, and the first play of the famous “Atelje 212” theatre was played in the building of “Borba”. Some of the greatest and most respected authors of Serbian literature have enriched the history of the guardians of the tradition almost 100 years long, with their writing and reporting.

“Borba” has worked hard for years to preserve all documents and photographs that tell the tale of our interesting history, and today it can be very proud of its archive, which contains a priceless wealth of texts, testimonies and photographs of an entire era.

The former daily newspaper “Borba” is today a magazine about culture, and the young editorial board, eager for affirmation, research and work, successfully leads its struggle in the print media recognizable by its five red letters, nurturing culture, tradition and Cyrillic alphabet.

Motif on the stamp: NIP “Borbа” building, drawing by Natalija Kunić. Motif on the FDC: four typical cover pages of “Borba” from different periods of publishing this daily newspaper.

Professional Cooperation: The Newspaper Publishing Company “Borba”

Graphic design of the issue: MA Anamari Banjac, Academic Painter

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