115th Anniversary of the birth of Petar Lubarda


Commemorative postage stamps

Year of issue: 2022

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Petar Lubarda (Ljubotinj, near Cetinje, 27 July 1907 – Belgrade, 13 February 1974) in the autobiographical data he left about himself in 1972, he writes: “Born on 27 VII 1907 in Ljubotinj, Montenegro, of Serbian nationality. Father: Đuro P. Lubarda, mother: Marija M. Vujković. Attended elementary school in Ljubotinj, Cetinje and Herceg Novi. Attended High school in Herceg Novi, Split, Sinj and Nikšić. Came to Belgrade in 1925 and enrolled in the Art School. His professors were Beta Vukanović, Ljuba Ivanović and Ilija Šobajić. In 1926 he went to Paris, in 1927 he exhibited for the first time at the Independent Salon in Paris. In 1929 in Rome he had his first independent exhibition in Casa d’arte Bragaglia. Same year he returned to Paris. In 1932, he came to Belgrade and organized a solo exhibition at the Warrior’s Home. Since then, he has lived in Belgrade with short or long breaks.” The text is available as a photograph within the permanent exhibition of the Legacy of Petar Lubarda.

Commemorative postage stamps issue “115th Anniversary of the birth of Petar Lubarda” dedicated to the one of our greatest artists, and realized in full glory thanks to the benevolence of the owners of the hitherto little-known works of Petar Lubarda, which were provided free of charge for presentation to the public through this issue. Ten art works by Petar Lubarda, perpetuated on the elements of this issue, remain as a lasting memory in the history of a painting greatness and unquestionable world talent of one of the most important painters from this region.

Motives: first stamp – BULL (oil and varnishes on hardboard, 65x136,5cm, around 1969); second stamp – DRAGONS (oil and varnishes on hardboard, 54,3x91,9cm, 1967); first vignette – THE VILLAGE OF BRAJIĆI (tempera on cardboard, 50x66cm, 1949); second and third vignette – SCORPION (oil and varnishes on hardboard, 30,5x79,5cm, 1969); fourth vignette – BATTLE OF KOSOVO (tempera on paper, 34x51,8cm, 1954); fifth vignette – CAMP STILL LIFE (oil on canvas, 78x77,3cm, 1942); sixth vignette – THE WAY OF FREEDOM (SUTJESKA) (oil on canvas, 74x81,5cm, 1945); seventh vignette – MINOTAUR (varnishes on hardboard, 81x100cm, 1972); eight vignette – ROCKS (varnishes on hardboard, 41x43 cm, 1960); on the cover– BLACK PANTHER (varnishes on hardboard, 60x77cm, 1972).

Graphic realization of the issue: Nadežda Skočajić, academic graphic artist

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