105 years of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Serbia and the Kingdom of Denmark


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Year of issue: 2022

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Serbia and Denmark established diplomatic relations on October 19th, 1917. Dr. Milutin Jovanović, at the height of the First World War, submits a letter of credence to the Danish court. The issuing of the commemorative postage stamp for 105 years of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Serbia and the Kingdom of Denmark marks an anniversary, a testimony to the significance and lastingness of ties between the two countries.

In spite of being located at two opposite ends of Europe, contact between Serbia and Denmark had existed long before there was discourse concerning diplomatic relations, most notably in the field of culture. Several curated collections of Serbian folk songs were translated into Danish in the 19th century. Hans Christian Andersen portrayed Serbia and the Serbian people in a dedicated chapter titled Dryads of Serbia  in his A Poet’s Bazaar travelogue from 1842. Upon returning from their voyage to the Scandinavian country, two prominent Serbian scientists and politicians Milenko Vesnić and Svetomir Nikolajević introduced the Danes’ culture and art to the Serbian public through their articles. Since 1901. Copenhagen has been a home to the Serbian street.

Пригодна поштанска марка представља краља Петра I Карађорђевића и краља Кристијана Х, јер су дипломатски односи Краљевине Србије и Краљевине Данске отпочели у време њихове владавине. Фотографије краљева су део зборника документа Краљевина Србија и Краљевина Данска у издању Државног архива Србије. Објављену поводом 105-годишњице српско-данских дипломатских односа, књигу су приредили др Јасмина Митровић-Марић, амбасадорка Р. Србије у Копенхагену, Јелица Рељић и Александар Марковић.

Celebrating this diplomatic anniversary, in addition to preserving the memory of substantive bilateral relations, contributes to their improvement and longevity.

Expert coollaboration: The State Archives of Serbia

Artistic realisation of the issue: MA Marija Vlahovic, academic graphic artist

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