Commemorative postage stamps

Year of issue: 2021

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Digitalisation and digital technologies are changing the modern world in a way that cannot be compared to other changes in the long history of human civilisation. Some of the most important topics, which are especially marked by the social changes caused by digitalisation and the phenomena that accompany them, can be classified into categories that are symbolically represented by the commemorative postage stamps of the Digitalisation issue. E-government enables multiple and rapid changes for the better in the social organisation and quality of life of citizens and enables further connection with all places on the planet and all the people and nations of the world. Digital creative industries enable new rises of human imagination and artistic expression and experience, available to a broader audience, on new platforms with new opportunities for interaction and participation, which contribute to the building of community and personal progress of each individual. Digitalisation of cultural heritage enables dynamic global exchange of cultural experiences of individual communities and joint creation of generally recognisable cultural patterns and models, while preserving cultural features and identities of nations with fewer speakers of the mother tongue and a smaller scope of national cultural space.

Digitalisation in the Republic of Serbia is carried out at an accelerated pace during year 2021, especially because of the need to relocate many activities of social and public importance to virtual space due to epidemiological circumstances caused by the Corona virus pandemic. The edition of the commemorative postage stamps Digitalisation is therefore dedicated, not only to the modern age of digitalisation, but also to the specific use value of technology and tools arising from this phenomenon of the modern world, and in the circumstances of human development in the year 2021.

Expert collaboration: University Library “Svetozar Marković”

Artistic realization of the issue: Boban Savić MA, academic painter



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