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Year of issue: 2021

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The Red Star football club was founded on March 4, 1945, and to this day it has stood out as the most trophy-winning club in the country, with the largest fan base. The first goal in the history of the Red Star was scored by Kosta Tomašević on the day of its founding, and a year later the Red Star won the trophy of the then state championship. It was only the first in a series of numerous trophies, considering that the Red Star won 32 state titles in its rich history, as well as 25 cup competitions, with the title of European and world champion from 1991, which confirmed that it has no equals in this region. In the final of the European Champions Cup in Bari, Olympique de Marseille was defeated after 0:0 and a better penalty shootout, and then Kolo Kolo in Tokyo within the Intercontinental Cup with 3:0. In addition, the Red Star has won numerous international tournaments.

Since September 1, 1963 stadium “Marakana” is a home to the Red Star, and since December 2014 stadium bears the name of Rajko Mitić, the first “Star of the Red Star”. This extraordinary honour – to be called “Star of the Red Star”, is given to football players who contributed greatly to Red Star’s historical successes and there are six of them. The first “Star of the Red Star” is already mentioned Rajko Mitić, the second one is Dragoslav Šekularac, the third one is Dragan Džajić, the fourth one is Vladimir Petrović, the fifth one is Dragan Stojković, while a flattering honour of the sixth “Star of the Red Star” is given to the whole generation of 1991.

The Red Star nurtures true values since its founding. Love, loyalty, security, emotions, all that makes our army of fans a family. Love for the Red Star knows no boundaries, it is passed from generation to generation and that is why we are a big and happy family!

Expert collaboration: The Red Star football club

Artistic realization of the issue: MA Jakša Vlahović, academic graphic artist

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