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Year of issue: 2023

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Velimir Bata Živojinović (Jagodina, June 5, 1933 – Belgrade, May 22, 2016) is a Serbian and Yugoslav actor, a superhero of the local acting scene, one of the cult actors from our region.
The protagonist of numerous film and television roles, since his debut on the big screen in 1955 in the film "Song from Kumbara", Bata Živojinović has been omnipresent in our homes and our lives. Viewers remembered and loved him the most for his numerous roles in partisan films, enjoyed his roles in television series, and many remember him as one of the main protagonists of the film black wave in our cinematography.
There are numerous films and series that he recorded, there are many main and episodic roles that he played, but in all of them he was - Bata.
Firm and honest, characterful in the roles of positive as well as negative characters, unwavering and direct both when he is wrong and when he is right, with his numerous leading roles and episodes he created the archetype of a man from these areas, a character with whom generations of people from these areas were growing up.
Between two calendar years - the outgoing one, in which we count five decades since the premiere of the movie "Sutjeska" and the upcoming one, in which we celebrate the 55th anniversary of the premiere of the movie "The Bridge" and half a century since the television premiere of the cult series "Walter Defends Sarajevo", we pay tribute with this stamp to Velimir Bata Živojinović, a giant of our acting scene and one of the main protagonists of our film lives.

Artistic realisation: Miroslav Nikolić

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