30 years since the establishment of PostEurop


Commemorative postage stamps

Year of issue: 2023

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When, in the early 1990s, the processes of European integration intensified, efforts to harmonize and reform the European postal market led to the formation of the Association of Public Postal Operators – PostEurop, an organization that this year celebrates three decades of its existence. Thirty years of dedication to the single postal market, representing the interests of the national postal operators of PostEurop members, harmonizing the policy of the postal sector and the organizational and strategic issues it deals with, have created PostEurop as an organization dedicated to the support and development of a sustainable European market for postal communications, accessible to all users and providing modern and accessible universal services. PostEurop today represents the interests of two million postal workers employed across Europe who serve 800 million clients daily at more than 175,000 counters.

The Post of Serbia joins the celebration of the great and significant anniversary of PostEurop by publishing a commemorative issue with a graphic solution with which the Association of Postal Operators of Europe marked the jubilee – the 30th anniversary of its establishment.

Motif on the stamp: 30 years PostEurop logo

Graphic realization of the issue: MA Jakša Vlahović, academic graphic artist

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