125 years since the birth of Milan Konjović


Commemorative postage stamps

Year of issue: 2023

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Milan Konjović (Sombor, June 28, 1898 – January 28, 1993, Sombor), a painter whose art leaves a deep impression on people with its originality and emotional charge. A rich artistic oeuvre of more than 6,000 works includes different phases and styles, and his palette of paintings consists of landscapes, portraits, abstract compositions and much more.

He showed his gift for art very early, he studied at the Belgrade Art School and then in Prague and Vienna, where he adopted European influences. His painting spans various periods, including expressionism, post-impressionism and abstraction, and some critics have called him "the last Fauvist". His paintings often reflected a deep connection with nature and rural life, and one of his most famous painting cycles is the one inspired by Vojvodina.

Konjović's works are exhibited in many galleries and museums around the world. He left a permanent mark in Serbian art history and remains remembered as one of the most important painters of his time.

Stamp motif: "Houses", oil on hardboard, 1955, from a private collection. Vignette motif: "Minčeta, Tower", oil on hardboard, 1948, from a private collection. Envelope motif: "Flowers", oil on hardboard, 1977, from the collection of PE Post of Serbia.

Graphic realization: MA Nadežda Skočajić, Academic Graphic Artist

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