100 years of Radio Beograd


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Year of issue: 2024

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October 1, 1924 is taken as the date of the official start of broadcasting of radio programme in our country, the day of the beginning of programme broadcasting of Radiophonic Station Belgrade–Rakovica, the first in Serbia, the Kingdom of SCS, and the Balkans. On the same day of the same year, radio programme in Vienna began broadcasting. Politika and all the other daily press of the time published the news about the radio programme schedule, the radio concert that was held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays afternoon in the concert hall at Knez Mihailova 42 in Belgrade, and was broadcast through the radiotelegraph station in Rakovica.

The technical innovation of that time met with a more than warm reception from listeners who demanded regular daily broadcasting of the programme, so the newly formed enterprise Radio Beograd JSC started regular broadcast of radio programme on March 24, 1929, with the words spoken by Jelena Bilbija, “This is Radio Beograd calling”. The bombing of Belgrade on April 6, 1941 and the German occupation of Serbia led to the interruption of the Radio Beograd programme, on the airwaves of which the signal of the occupation German station Military Radio Belgrade, known for the wartime hit Lily Marlene, was broadcast.

On November 10, 1944, Jelena Bilbija once again addressed the listeners of Radio Beograd from the liberated capital, with the familiar words – “This is Radio Beograd calling”. Not long after the liberation, in 1947, Radio Beograd got a new address – a building at Hilandarska 2, from the roof of which the letters of this radio station are still visible today.

“Jolly evening”, “Caravan”, “Good morning, children”, “Time for sports and entertainment”, are just some of the shows with which generations from these areas grew up listening to the voices of Draga Jonaš, Ljiljana Marković, Dušanka Kalanj, Mića Orlović, Svetislav Vuković, Jordan Ivanović, Marko Marković and many others who, from the waves of Radio Beograd 1, and then Radio Beograd 2 (from 1958), the third programme of Radio Beograd (from 1965), and Programme 202 (from 1969), were daily guests in homes throughout our region, making Radio Beograd the most influential radio station in the Balkans.

Professional cooperation: Radio Beograd
Artistic realization of the issue: MA Jakša Vlahović, academic graphic artist

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