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100th anniversary of ”RADNIČKI” Sports Association
”Radnički” Sports Association was founded on 20th April 1920 as the Belgrade Workers’ Sports Club – BRSK. Until the Second World War and during the war, the club had an important revolutionary role. Four of the legendary Seven Secretaries of the Communist Youth of Yugoslavia were its members who got killed at the time of Proclamation (Obznana), and another three before. Ten fighters from the Spanish Civil War came from there as well as 18 national heroes. In the anti-fascist struggle during the Second World War, 117 members of ”Radnički” were killed.

The football club was the hothouse of the sports association, later joined by female Czech handball players; then came the wrestlers, boxers, chess players and important cultural and educational section. Most of the sports association members spent the War in the partisans and the illegal resistance movement.

After the War, ”Radnički” is the first sports association that restored its operation, in November 1944, just after the Liberation of Belgrade. Together with the pre-war clubs, the basketball players also appear, the mountaineers, handball players, rugby players, bowlers, judokas, later karatekas, gymnasts, athletes, shooters, kickboxers. In all these sports, ”Radnički” shows big success. Some of its clubs won 40 team titles of the state champions. Female handball team has been achieving the greatest successes, three times winning the Cup of European Champions and European Cup Winners’ Cup. The sportsmen of ”Radnički” have won 14 Olympic medals, 32 at the world and 42 at the European championships. ”Radnički” was and remains the hothouse from which the most successful coaches and sports workers originated, but also a school of life through which, by nurturing the spirit of the Romantics from the Red Cross Square, many of them completed their studies together with sport, made their doctoral thesis and became university professors.

The ”Radnički” Sports Association was decorated with the Order of Merit for people with silver spokes in 1975, with the Order of Brotherhood and Unity with the silver wreath in 1979, Medal of Nemanja in 2000, and on 15th February 2020 it was decorated with the first-degree Sretenje Order of Merit.

75th anniversary of Yugoslav Sports Association ”PARTIZAN”
The Yugoslav Sports Association ”Partizan” was founded by the victors over fascism – the partizans, in a similar fashion to similar sports models in other countries. At the first post–war All–Army championship, in the summer of 1945, the idea was born that, under the auspices of the Army, a football club was first to be formed. Shortly afterwards, on October 4 of the same year, the Partizan was founded at the present Home of the Army in Belgrade, as the Fysical Education Society of the Central Home of the Yugoslav Army.

Within the Association, football, basketball, athletic, volleyball and chess sections were formed, which, over time, became new clubs by joining the new sports branches. There are 24 clubs today in Partizan family.

There remained a record that the footballers had their first appearance on 6th October, 1945, at the match against the selection of Zemun in which Partizan won 4:2.

In the year 1953, Partisan stops to be related to the Army in organisational aspect and becomes the civil sports association. The results of the Partizan sportsmen continually surcome even the most daring dreams of their founders. Numerous titles of club Europe champions, Olympic medals, world and Europe medals, titles of team and single state champions and Cup winners, all that make YSA ”Partizan” one of the most successful sports associations.

With victorious energy and emotions aimed at achieving the highest sporting goals, generations of Partizans 75 years pass the glory of the founding red-blue, today’s black-and-white colours, as well as Yugoslavia and Serbia, to the pride of all who carry his name in heart.

75th anniversary of ”CRVENA ZVEZDA” Sports Association
The Sports Association ”Crvena zvezda” was founded on 4 March, 1945, and since then eight sections (football, basketball, athletics, volleyball, swimming, rowing, table tennis, chess) have developed into an exceptional sports family of 36 clubs (football, basketball, volleyball, water polo, judo, handball, athletic, tennis, rowing, women’s basketball, shooting, fencing, table tennis, hockey, swimming, chess, women’s water polo, boxing, Crvena zvezda Guiness, kickboxing, karate, cycling, bowling, auto and karting, bridge, tequondo, rugby league, ragbi, weightlifting club, bodybuilding, women’s handball, small football club, skiing, women’s soccer, wrestling and golf). In the true sense of the word, the sports club ”Crvena zvezda” today is one of the most famous sports brands, a respected and recognizable name in the world of sports. Since its founding, ”Crvena zvezda” has been following the cult of a large sports family with charisma and successful results. In the past 75 years, the athletes and clubs of the “Crvena zvezda” SA have been a real example of a good and harmonious organization with the largest number of fans in this part of Europe.

The ”Crvena zvezda” clubs have won 714 trophies since its foundation until January 2020. They were 482 times national champions, 200 times National Cup winners, won 8 European Championships, 12 European Championship titles, 3 World Cups and 9 National Super Cup titles.

The successes we are proud of are the 1991 World Cup and European Champion titles, the European Basketball Champion title in 1979, the Basketball Cup Winners Cup in 1974, the European Waterpolo Championship title in 2013, the European Athletic Champion title in 1989 as well as countless successes and medals of our Jasna Šekarić, Nemanja Majdov, Nenad Stekić, Zoran Manojlović, Dragan Jovanović, Diana Dabetić ...

Expert collaboration: Sports Association ”Radnički”, Yugoslav Sports Association ”Partizan” and Sports Association ”Crvena zvezda”.

Graphic realisation of the issue: MA Jakša Vlahović, Academic Graphic Artist.


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