Joy of Europe


Commemorative postage stamps

Year of issue: 2019

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The idea to hold an event every year at the beginning of October, which would be attended by children from all over Europe, was born in the head of Donka Špiček, back in 1968, within the editorial office ”Meetings on Thursdays” at the House of Pioneers in Belgrade. The invitation stated that all segments of the future manifestation will be designed so that children’s play is at the centre of all events.

The first meeting of the children of Europe – The Joy of Europe took place in early October 1969, with the support of the city authorities, President Tito, UNICEF and the United Nations General Assembly. It’s been half a century since then! About 20,000 children and young people from 46 countries visited Belgrade.

The main program unit of the Manifestation since 1998 is the International Art Competition “Joy of Europe”, which invites children and young artists from all over the world to demonstrate with their magnificent palette that children’s visual art has been perceived and recognized from the point of view of in-depth psychology and modern understanding of art as a true creative value. Art works (ages 4 to 18) judged by a jury of experts have traditionally found their place on the appropriate postage stamp “Joy of Europe”.

Such a stamp supports the natural and creative way of life in the most beautiful way possible, stating that this artistic encounter is the essence of international art competitions and exhibitions that follow.

Motif on the stamp: drawing by Anđela Marjanović (14 years, Serbia). Motifs on the vignettes: drawings by Luca Patai (6 years, Hungary), Angela Lin (11 years, Taivan), Natnlie Yan Lok (5 years, China), Tadija Kotorčević (9 years, Serbia), Elena Chiforeanu (10 years, Romania), Luda Alborova (10 years, Russia). Motif on the envelope: drawing by Alona Novika (6 years, Lithuania).

Expert collaboration: Lidija Seničar, Editor of drawing and painting competition, Children’s cultural centre Belgrade. Graphic realization of the issue: MA Jakša Vlahović, academic graphic artist.


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