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Year of issue: 2019

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150 years of the birth of Svetolik Stevanović
Svetolik P. Stevanović (Majdan at Rudnik Mts. 5. 3. 1869 – Belgrade, 10. 5. 1953) belongs to the first generation of Serbian geologists with specialization on mineralogy and crystallography. After his elementary school education in his birthplace, he continues education in grammar school in Gornji Milanovac, Čačak and Kragujevac (finshed in 1889). Four years later, Stevanović graduated at the Department of Sciences, Faculty of Philosophy of Velika Škola in Belgrade. Later he had worked as a professor supplent / demonstrator at Velika Škola and continued five semester long doctoral studies of crystallography and mineralogy in Munich, where he defended his doctorate during 1902. After return to Serbia, Stevanović works as a teacher of German in Jagodina as well as at First Grammar School of Belgrade. He took part in the Balcan wars and WWI, from 1912 untill 1918 as a solder of the Serbian Army. Stavanović was promoted to lieutenant colonel and sent to Beaulieu-sur-Mer near Nice, to be headmaster of the Serbian Grammar School. From 1922 till his retirement in 1924 he works as a lecturer of geology and mineralogy at Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade and at Pedagogical High School in Belgrade beside as a Vice-Ministry of Education. Stevanović first applied the crystallographic methods for the mineral analysis in Serbia. He was adored to sciences beside that his jobs were not scientific. He has the successful studies of minerals and mineral waters. He published 36 papers related to the mineralogy and crystallography. His geological studies of Niška Banja and Vrnjačka Banja were published in two monographs.

Motif on stamp: portrait of Svetolik Stevanović with Auripigment mineral.

Expert collaboration: Dr Tivadar Gaudenyi, Serbian Geological Society – History of Geology Division.

150 years of the birth of Jelenko Mihailović
elenko M. Mihailović (Vrbica near Knjaževac, 11. 1. 1869 – Belgrade, 30. 10. 1956), Serbian naturalist, considered as one of the founders of the Serbian seismology. Founder of the Seismological Institute in Belgrade and recognized as a great promoter of science. In the period from 1893–1906 Mihailović graduated as a student of Velika Škola in Belgrade and continued work in the very same institution as the assistant of Milan Nedeljković (the founder of Belgrade astronomical observatory). From 1901 he carried the macroseismic measurements, while from 1904 was responsible for microseismic measurements. From 1906 he organized the seismological survey at Geological Institute, University of Belgrade (the seismological measurements moved in 1901 to the observatory). Thankfully to Mihailović the Geological Institute got its seismological station in Tašmajdanski park, and he was its director from 1919 until his death in 1959.

After his university graduation followed the specialization studies abroad (in Strasbourg, Paris and Berlin), then work on the establishing of the seismological survey of SHS Kingdom. At the Association Internationale de Séismologie Jelenko M. Mihailović was the national representative, and beside it he was also member of Italian Seismological Society and the Spanish Astronomical Society.

From 1906 till 1939 he was a professor of seismology at Faculty of Philosophy and Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade. In 1932 Mihailović was appointed for the Rector of Pedagogical High School in Belgrade. He published 195 scientific studies/papers and some textbooks (mainly of physics). His research focus was quite wide, from regional geology, paleontology, astronomy, klimatology, mathematics, physics and seismology. He was decorated with St. Sava Medal of 3rd and 4th level for pedagogical work, Albanian Memorial and Silver Medal for contribution in wars 1912–1918, and the Diploma of the Serbian Geological Society for his scientific work.

Motif on stamp: portrait of Jelenko Mihailović with Mainka Seismograph.

Expert collaboration: Dr Tivadar Gaudenyi, Serbian Geological Society – History of Geology Division and Branko Dragičević, deputy director of Seismological Survey of Serbia.

Artistic realisation of the stamps: Nadežda Skočajić, academic graphic artist.


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