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Year of issue: 2021

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Modern, recognizable and efficient, the Faculty of Civil Engineering today proudly celebrates its great jubilee. On the foundations of the glorious past, we create a better future, guided by the postulates written on the coat of arms of the Faculty: studere, docere, aedificare – research, educate, build. And this has been the case for 175 years.

Expert collaboration: Prof. Vladan Kuzmanović, Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

Artistic realization of the issue: Anamari Banjac, academic painter.

75 Years Since the Reconstruction of the Road-Railway Bridge Over the Danube
75 years since the reconstruction of the road and railway bridge over the Danube will be marked in November 2021.

On 10th November 1935 Prince regent Pavle Karađorđević opened for public traffic the Pančevo railway and the new "Bridge of the King Petar Karađorđević".

The construction of the bridge attracted the attention of the public since it was one of the biggest in Europe. The total length was 1,526 m, out of which 1,134 m was above the water while the viaduct above the right riverside of the Danube was 134.9 m and the extension of the bridge above the left riverside was 256.8m.

The Pančevo Bridge was constructed by the German companies: "Deutsch Luxemburgisch Bergwerks und Hütten, A. G." (upper part) and "Siemens-Bauunion G.M.B.H. – Siemenstand" (concrete pillars, etc). Roadway was constructed by the French company "Batinol".

During the destruction in the Second World War, the Bridge was damaged. In April 1941 it was torn down by the Yugoslav Army in order to slow down the progress of Nazis, but the Germans repaired it for their needs. The Bridge suffered severe damage during the bombing of the Allies, and it was blown up after the withdrawal of occupiers from Belgrade in October 1944

The post-war reconstruction works on the Bridge started on 1st November 1945 executed by the Red Army that had a vast number of experts with the necessary mechanization, with the aid of a part of our First Railway Brigade. The Bridge was repaired by the end of 1946.

The first train over the reconstructed Red Army Bridge passed on 7th November 1946, and Josip Broz Tito put into operation the road part of the Bridge on 29th November with the simbolic ribbon cutting.

Expert collaboration: Railway Museum within JSC "Serbian Railways".

Artistic realization of the issue: Anamari Banjac, academic painter.


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