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Year of issue: 2019

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Hundred Years of Preschool Activity “Children’s Days”
In the year of 1919, numerous manifestations dedicated to children and charity work commenced in many cities and towns in the then Kingdom of Serbia, under the title “Children’s Days” and “Children’s Weeks”. The first “Children’s Days” in Belgrade were organised on 28 June 1919. On that occasion, a proclamation was issued which is, even today, the main principle of work with kids in the preschool institution “Children’s Days”:

“It is necessary to proclaim the major principle of the twentieth century

that every child’s life is the most cherished national treasure,

and that it is the duty of the state and of the nation to take great care to protect and

nurture every child, as each human being has the right to live, be healthy and educated.“

Wishing to memorialise this manifestation dedicated to the children of Belgrade, the preschool institution formed in 1992 by merging nursery schools and kindergartens in the Municipality of Stari Grad in Belgrade is given the name of “Children’s Days” as its official name, and the right to continue the tradition of their remembrance.” (Lidija Bubanja – Kalaba, 2004)

The Preschool Institution “Children’s Days” is located in the Belgrade’s Municipality of Stari Grad and comprises eleven nursery schools and kindergartens: Fairy, Little Butterfly, Skadarlija, Linden, Lola, Children’s Club, The Danube Kindergarten, Terazije, Mayflower, Dumbo and Nibbles. Some two thousand children one to six-year old live and grow in them every day. The institution is well-known for its tradition of a variety of forms and programmes of work, which meet the diversified needs of the children and their families.

The very first nursery school in the Municipality of Stari Grad was opened on 16 february 1919 in 32 Brankova Street, in the building rented by the “Society for Children’s Upbringing and Protection” from Mr Slavko Grujić. Today, it bears the name of “The Danube Kindergarten” and, since the opening ceremony on 16 February 1931, it is located at the corner of the Cara Dušana Street and Tadeuša Košćuška Street.

Stamps and envelopes motifs: artwork of the children from the Preschool Institution “Children’s Days”, Belgrade.

Expert collaboration: Preschool Institution “Children’s Days”, Belgrade.

Graphic realization of the stamps: MA Nadežda Skočajić, academic graphic artist.


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