800 years of Mileševa monastery


Commemorative postage stamps

Year of issue: 2019

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Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heavens (Matthew 5:16)! Many of our honourable ancestors accepted from the heart this wonderful commandment of Christ and fulfilled it. Such men and women left us good works in the fields of art, culture, education as well as various kinds of mercy. Thus, famous works of architecture and literature were created, Serbia itself became a state and the St. Sava Church was organized within the unique Church of the Christ. That is how the monastery Mileševa, the endowment of the Holy King Vladislav of Serbia, was founded.

Mileševa has shone for centuries through its architecture, appearance, painted icons, and constant prayers of the monks who themselves shone through their own personal lives and deeds. The two greatest sources of light in Mileševa remain forever those of the Angel of Resurrection, the so-called White Angel, depicted at the tomb of Christ as he announces to the world the greatest and most important event - the resurrection of Christ, as well as the miraculous tomb of St. Sava, who directly received from the resurrected Christ the power to awaken and revive the Serbs in the most difficult times of their life-weariness. Many have succeeded to attain the much needed peace of the soul in Mileševa and to organize themselves to carry on with their life’s path.

Mileševa has demonstrated many times its extraordinary gift to survive and continue lasting despite having being destroyed and rebuilt on multiple occasions, and our generation was honoured to be the bearer of the celebration of 800 years of Mileševa's existence. By marking this unique jubilee, we actually look deeper into what is most valuable in ourselves, into what most powerfully and beautifully shines through us and gives us the strength to carry on with our lives during these turbulent and complex times. It is our intention and duty to show the light and beauty of the Mileševa monastery to the entire humanity, because it is the humanity to which it belongs, not only us. We wish for the entire world to be illuminated by the light of the White Angel of Mileševa and enlightened by the joy of Christ's Resurrection. In this way, we can provide all with the opportunity to get acquainted with the glorious works of our ancestors, which helps these works fulfil their noble mission around the whole world.

Bishop Atanasije of Mileševa.

Stamp motif: Mileševa monastery and White Angel (Myrrhbearers at Christ's tomb frescoe detail).
Vignette motifs: Mileševa monastery frescoes (1222–1228).
Upper Vignette: Patrons composition – Holy Mother of God brings king Vladislav, carrying the model of his endowment, to the Lord Jesus Christ on the throne.
Vignette on the left: Holy Mother of God (Annunciation frescoe detail).
Central Vignette: Saint Sava.
Vignette on the right: Myrrhbearers at Christ's tomb (detail of frescoe).
Lower Vignette: Asleep guards (Myrrhbearers at Christ's tomb frescoe detail).

Expert collaboration: Serbian Orthodox Church, Eparchy of Mileševa.
Artistic realization of the issue: MA Nadežda Skočajić, academic graphic artist

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