75 years of Victory Over Fascism, 9 May – Victory Day (1945-2020)


Commemorative postage stamps

Year of issue: 2020

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The commemoration of the Day of victory over fascism, May 9, the day of capitulation of Nazi Germany in the World War II is an opportunity to remember the great contribution Serbia gave to the victory over fascism, and the enormous sacrifices which it endured in that fight.

In honor of the victims of the Second World War, since 2007, the manifestation Immortal Regiment has been organized – a parade in which descendants of veterans carry photos of ancestors in gratitude and memory of famous heroes who in the Second World War shed blood to defend their fatherland and became immortal. This manifestation is important for the preservation and spread of the libertarian tradition to the future generations from the Allied countries, once involved in the fight against fascism.

The Immortal Regiment was first organized in the Russian city of Tyumen, as march under the slogan of the Victory Parade. In 2013, it expanded to 120 Russian towns and cities, and one year later, the residents of five hundred towns and cities in seven countries of the world marched the streets with photos of their ancestors, participants in World War II on the side of the anti–Hitler coalition.

Since 2019, the event Immortal Regiment is considered a national event in Serbia that will continue to be celebrated every year on Victory Day – May 9th.

It is the duty of the Government of Serbia and all citizens to teach the future generations the importance of this date and the necessity of nurturing the tradition and remembrance of our heroes in the struggle for the liberation of the fatherland in World War II.

At the initiative of the President of the Republic, Aleksandar Vučić, in hounour of commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the victory in World War II, the PE Post of Serbia issues a commemorative postage stamp and a commemorative First day cover.

Expert collaboration: Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veterans’ and Social Affairs.


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