75 Years of the Weekly Newspaper JEDINSTVO


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Year of issue: 2019

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Jedinstvo is the oldest information and cultural institution in Kosovo and Metohija.

During the struggle for the liberation of Yugoslavia, on December 25, 1944, a five-member editorial board published the first issue of the newspaper in Serbian language, entitled Jedinstvo.

For the past 75 years, Jedinstvo had been and continues to be an information and cultural centre that brings together authors creating in Serbian language – Serbs, Montenegrins, Muslims and Goranci.

In the beginning, Jedinstvo was a monthly newspaper, then in 1946 it became a weekly, and starting 1969 it was being published twice a week. It had been a daily paper from 1977 until the end of NATO aggression against FR Yugoslavia in 1999. Throughout this period, Jedinstvo was printed in Pristina.

Journalists and media workers of Jedinstvo paper were expelled from their editorial offices after the arrival of international forces and their property was usurped and stolen. Nevertheless, the newspaper continued its life in northern Kosovo and Metohija, where its offices are to this day and where it is published once a week.

In addition to the newspaper, the editorial board started a literature, arts and culture magazine in 1960, titled Stremljenja, which is still being published today. During the same year, publishing activities were initiated and Jedinstvo has published more than a thousand books to date, many of which are award-winning. The social affairs, science and culture magazine – Obeležja, was launched in 1971 and was being published until NATO aggression against the FRY.

Within Jedinstvo, in the 80’s and 90’s of the last century, there was also a monthly newspaper for the elementary school students, Đurđevak, a village newspaper, Uranak, as well as a Journal for the workers in educational, cultural and scientific fields. Jedinstvo also published Auto-moto review, as well as corporate papers for industrial collectives.

Since 1970, Jedinstvo has been the organizer of the largest cultural manifestation in the Province –Poetry Meetings Lazar Vučković, which is, to this day, a significant cultural event. With the Lazar Vučković Prize for poetry, this year the manifestation will be held for the 15th time.

Jedinstvo is, among other numerous recognitions, the recipient of two Orders of the Brotherhood and Unity of Josip Broz Tito (1965, 1970), the Order of the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro (2004), the Vuk Award (1975, 1989), the November Prize of the City of Pristina (1994, 1997), Grand Charters of the Association of Journalists of Serbia (1995, 2004), Grand Medal of the Association of Writers of Serbia.

Expert collaboration: Rada Komazec, editor-in-chief, Jedinstvo.

Graphic realization of the issue: MA Marija Vlahović, academic graphic artist.


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