50 years of Radio Belgrade 202


Commemorative postage stamps

Year of issue: 2019

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Radio Belgrade 202, popularly called TwoOhTwo, is the youngest member of the Radio Belgrade family, the radio department of today’s public media service Radio-Television Serbia. It started broadcasting on the 27th of June 1969 and since then has been pushing the limits of the usual and traditional radio. It was and still is Serbian and regional innovator and champion in its direct communication with its audience as the first radio that implemented regular and direct participation of its listeners in voting – this spanned from voting for the best songs to voting for the best and worst celebrities and events in society.

This program, which has been living and breathing with its audience, is in touch with its listeners in the most various ways – from the newest forms of communication like social networks, through SMS services, e-mails, all the way to good old phone calls. This is the first radio that arranged live concerts. The audience and the listeners could vote for songs that were becoming weekly hits. Five decades people have been listening to the best Serbian and international pop and rock music, with special attention pointed to Serbian rock and pop music and supporting new, high quality artists. Thanks to TwoOhTwo, many singers and bands from Serbia and former Yugoslavia became huge regional stars. Some of the best artists, writers, actors, musicians, journalists, hosts, important people from all areas of expertise worked on this radio, and many extremely significant and famous people from Serbia and the world spoke for it. TwoOhTwo is directly or indirectly responsible for publishing many books and music albums. It is a radio that has been totally different from others for half a century now, an invisible friend who can entertain and make its listeners sing their hearts out, teach them something new and at the same time encourage them to think.

Expert collaboration: Editorial Board of Radio Belgrade 202.

Artistic realization: MA Boban Savić, academic painter.


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