100 Years of the Association of Drama Artists of Serbia


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Year of issue: 2019

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The foundation of the Association was initiated during the First World War, when the group of actors, having crossed Albania, created the theatre on Corfu and considered the foundation of their own class organization. The founding assembly of the Association of actors of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenians (the latter Kingdom of Yugoslavia) was held on 15 September 1919, and the Association of actors was the first to gather all the actors in Belgrade, at the time, but also all other theatre workers, with the aim to improve drama and artists’ status.

Funding of the Association was provided from the membership fee, through investments, gifts and different shares. With time, the pre–war Association initiated and realized significant shifts in the theatre business, and it acquired significant property (three multi-storey buildings in Belgrade and several building lots all around the country). It was acknowledged, respected and helped by the members, prominent individuals and the society. Archives record, among other things, the patronage of king Alexander I and his decoration with the order of St. Sava of the third grade.

In the years that followed after the Second World War, actors in Serbia were again organized with the same goal – to improve drama and protect professional interests of arts. The Association of Actors of Serbia (registered in 1950) estiblishes many of its activities on tradition and values of the pre–war class organization. It grants significant professional acknowledgements and awards, publishes theatre newspaper, books and other publications on actors and their creativity, supports members in individual artistic projects, helps socially and healthily threatened members, advocates the improvement of legal regulation which arranges the area of professional work of actors, etc. It is the bearer of the status of the representative association in culture and it performs entrusted operations of the confirmation of the status of an individual actor, expert and associate and regulating of their pension and health insurance.

Since the foundation of the Association until this day, the most significant artists from this region contributed to its development and afirmation.

Expert collaboration: The Association of Drama Artists of Serbia.

Artistic realization: MA Boban Savić, academic painter.


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