100th Anniversary of Sports Aviation in Serbia


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Year of issue: 2021

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Aeronautical Union of Serbia celebrates this year its 100th anniversary since the foundation of the Serbian Aeroclub. The Club was officially formed by the pilots of the World War I on October 22, 1921 in Belgrade. The founders were: Matija Hođera, Orestije Krstić, Dragoljub Ristić, Sava Mikić, Dragiša Vujić, Rodolphe Archibald Reiss PhD, Dragoljub Mitrović–Janković, Dragoš Adamović, Jovan Šrepalović, Atilije Raspor, Dragomir Nikolić, Sava Simić, Mihajlo Bošković, Petar Đurković, Đorđe Mirković i Bogdan Bogdanović. Matija Hođera was elected president, Dragomir Nikolić the Secretary-General, while the function of honorary president was assigned to Archibald Reiss PhD.

As soon as May 14, 1922 the club changed its name to “Aeroclub of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes”, and Tadija Sondermajer was elected president. At that time, the Aeroclub, whose patron and lifelong honorary president was Prince Pavle Karađorđević, became a member of the International Aviation Federation (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale – FAI).

During the century of existence, the Union changed its name several times and as the Aeronautical Union of Serbia, it continues the tradition and is a legal successor of the Serbian Aeroclub.

Today the Aeronautical Union of Serbia is a national branch sports union consisting of aviation sports organizations, established for the purpose of covering air sports and aviation. It is an active member of the International Aviation Federation (FAI), and it has 60 organizations with about 2,500 members. Aeronautical Union of Serbia covers the following air sports: parachuting, aeronautical gliding, ballooning, paragliding and kite flying, ultralight flying, general aviation and aeromodelling (aeronautical and rocket modelling). The Union annually organizes more than 50 domestic competitions in sports aviation, and seven aviation national teams represent Serbia at world and European championships. Sportsmen of the Aeronautical Union of Serbia are winners of numerous world and European medals, team and individual, and are national, European and world record holders.

Expert collaboration: Aeronautical Union of Serbia

Artistic realization: Miroslav Nikolić

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