100 years of the Communist Party of China


Commemorative postage stamps

Year of issue: 2021

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The issue of the commemorative stamps “100 years of the Communist Party of China (CPC)” marks the centenary of the founding of the CPC, emphasizing CPC’s important role in China’s development and building excellent relations between the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Serbia. The long-standing friendly relationships between the two countries have been largely built through cooperation initiatives launched, accepted and encouraged by the Communist Party of China.

The Communist Party of China was founded in July 1921, and on October 1, 1949, its leader Mao Zedong proclaimed the founding of the People’s Republic of China, which best illustrates the key role of CPC in China’s development. From then to 2021, under the leadership of the CPC, China has constantly made positive achievements on the path of development. Modern China is a leader in global development and the most trusted friend of Serbia and the Serbian people.

The release of the commemorative stamps “100 years of the Communist Party of China” primarily underlines and celebrates the merits of the CPC for the improvement of the relations between China and Serbia, and will make further contribution to the friendship between the two countries.

Expert collaboration: Svetozar Markovic Library, University of Belgrade. Artistic realization: Nadežda Skočajić, academician and illustrator

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